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Male Photography Poses– 9 Tips for Your Photo Session

Male Photography Poses

1. It’s easy to accentuate the masculinity of the model by creating straight angles in the picture, and creating overall roughness and coarseness. They are very well accepted by the viewers. The proportions of the model don’t make a difference.

2. It’s better to turn the model with his chest towards the camera, especially when the model is well-built and has a wide chest. The classical photography pose here is having the thighs half way open, and having the chest straight forward. This will also accentuate the masculinity of the model.

3. If the male model has naturally noticeable eyebrows, that are thick, broken or triangular, for example, it’s better not to cover them up in the picture. To the opposite, they will become dominant for your photo, accentuating the individuality of the model.

4. Good, “masculine” positions of the arms are having the arms criss-crossed on the chest or holding the hands in the pockets showing thumbs.

5. When the man is standing up, he can divide his weight proportionately between his legs, or transfer the weight on one leg. It is possible to use any of those standing positions. But transfering the weight on one leg usually makes better photography poses.

6. It is better to have the model lower his chin a little during taking the proper position for the shoot – sticking the chin out does not look good for either men or women.

7. Rippling muscles, a short neck and narrow thighs are the advantages of a male model, so they have to be accentuated during the photo shoot. Only if the male model has them, of course.

8. A bent, crooked back should be avoided when either a man or a woman are being shot on camera. This creates an impression of a tired sick person and an overall repulsive impression for the viewer. It is advisable for the model to keep the back straight during the photo session.

9. If you are taking a picture of a man in a business suit, it’s better not to use a completely new suit, never worn before. It will not look natural. You should take the one that has been already worn a little.

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